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We Work for and with the Military

At Goodyear, our relationship with the military began in World War I, when we produced truck tires and airships for the war effort. Today, we are still the largest producer of military tires in the United States, and have been named one of the top military-friendly employers in the nation. Because Goodyear understands the value veterans bring to the workforce, we actively recruit top military talent and leverage our veterans association to help new hires make a seamless transition to civilian life.

Why Choose Goodyear

Goodyear is proud to be a military-friendly employer. Veterans, guardsmen, and reservists starting careers at Goodyear will find our culture to be a familiar one — with strong value placed on leadership traits such as building talent and teams, problem solving, effective communication, courageous decision making, and delivering results. As you transition to the next stage of your career, Goodyear has the right opportunities to prepare you for success.