shaping the mobility revolution

Goodyear’s innovative spirit and drive for excellence puts us at the epicenter of the mobility revolution. We are partnering with customers and other collaborators to shape this transformation.

Our industry is rapidly transforming to accommodate our evolving world. We are driving toward a mobility future in which shared vehicle models and fleets are commonplace, and the vehicles themselves are smarter, safer and emit significantly fewer greenhouse gases. Tires are critical components to accomplishing these objectives, and given Goodyear’s Innovation Excellence, we have much to offer in this transformative space.

In addition to our innovation management outlined in Advancing Tire Performance, Goodyear’s Innovation Technology and New Ventures groups are constantly exploring technological advancements that will better serve our customers’ current and future needs, and reshape the future of mobility. We conduct competitor and consumer benchmarking to understand where the market is going and how our customers’ needs are shifting.

our focus


We understand that our consumers favor convenience and efficiency. Therefore, we designed a tire-buying and replacement process, Roll by Goodyear, which differs from our traditional tire stores in aesthetics, location and service offerings. Roll service offers delivery options, such as online valet booking where we will pick up and drop off our consumers’ vehicles at their preferred locations. Alternatively, we offer a mobile installation service, available in select US cities, where we will travel to our consumer’s desired location and install the tires. At the end of 2019, 16 Roll by Goodyear stores were open in the US.

connected and intelligent tires

As companies and stakeholders continue to address the potential of autonomous vehicle capabilities, Goodyear will be ready with connected and intelligent tires that can respond with optimum stopping distance and high performance to enhance rider safety. We are collaborating with our OEM customers, as well as universities, research institutions, start-ups and governments to complement Goodyear’s expertise and advance our technologies. We also are providing tires for the Local Motors Group, which developed a self-driving fleet of people-moving shuttles, called Olli.

fleet digitalization 

Goodyear’s ability to service commercial fleets is well established, and we have already begun to offer digital connectedness in the form of advanced telematics and predictive analytics technology. With our proprietary artificial intelligence technology, we will help fleets predict when their tires need service or replacement, improving overall tire management and maximizing uptime across the fleet. With Goodyear’s new TPMS Plus offering, sensors actively monitor tire conditions in real time, allowing commercial fleets to identify and address issues like air leaks, low pressure and abnormal temperature. An agreement with Norfolk Southern was announced in 2019 to support the company’s large fleet with TPMS Plus.


Tires are among the top expenses for commercial fleets. Through Goodyear services, we are able to help reduce commercial fleets’ total cost of ownership and maximize their return on investment. For instance, using our digitization tools and sensors such as Tire Optix, our commercial fleet customers will no longer need to physically check the tire pressure of each tire on each vehicle in their fleet, saving them time and money. Another tool, Goodyear’s Drive-Over-Reader, also aids in this automatic tire-checking practice.


The architecture of tires will look different in the new mobility ecosystem, where ridesharing and autonomous vehicles will become mainstream. Given the shift in vehicle ownership, lower maintenance and longer-lasting tires will be in demand. Goodyear’s development work in non-pneumatic tires is leading to products that are designed to eliminate flats and air pressure checks, offering worry-free performance. The technology is part of Goodyear’s strategy to develop maintenance-free options for passenger and commercial vehicles, particularly in fleet applications. 

SealTech is Goodyear’s latest extended mobility solution, a practical alternative to a spare tire. Based on post-cure sealant technology, SealTech automatically seals a puncture up to 5mm in diameter in the tire tread, while providing excellent and balanced driving performance after a puncture. The SealTech is the chosen tire for the Volkswagen Arteon in Europe and other vehicles.


Goodyear’s new digital platforms for autonomous, shared, and connected vehicles that incorporate tire and vehicle telematics are being built on a principle of cybersecurity by design. This is being achieved through proactively implementing cybersecurity best practices and collaborating closely with our world-class IT providers.