Goodyear aims to inspire students and adults to reach their potential in school and prepare for careers. In particular, we focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) competencies as the foundation for future problem-solvers, 21st century thinkers and leaders. Goodyear creates opportunities and increases access to STEM learning to enable students to pursue careers in STEM-related fields.

Goodyear understands that equipping today’s students with a solid STEM foundation will play an important part in preparing them for educational and career success. That’s why Goodyear’s 15-year commitment to supporting STEM education initiatives grows stronger every year. Goodyear’s support includes funding for STEM initiatives, mentoring programs involving Goodyear associates and the establishment of collaborations in an array of STEM areas.

Stem Career Day

In Akron, Ohio, Goodyear hosts its annual STEM Career Day to encourage local middle and high school students to pursue academic studies and careers in STEM fields. 2015 marked the largest STEM Career Day in the company’s history, attracting 2,100 students, teachers and parents to this signature community event. More than 500 Goodyear associates volunteered their time to plan and supervise the event which included awarding nearly $40,000 in scholarships to deserving students.

Student Environmental Training

Goodyear Turkey associates provide field-based training for university students responsible for environmental issues in the future. These students are from engineering departments focused on the chemical, environmental, industrial and metallurgy/materials fields, and complete internships as part of the training.

Hope School Project

In Pulandian, China, Goodyear supports and collaborates with the Goodyear Hope School.  This project helps provide children with positive educational conditions. In addition to the company’s monetary support of the school, many Goodyear associates and their families have contributed further funding and volunteer services, such as English-language teaching.

Goodyear STEM Education

Rachel Pritchard takes a photo on her cell phone of herself and classmates, Lauren Groen, Alyssa Thomas, and Miranda Walker of Green Middle School, Green, Ohio in Goodyear’s STEM Career Day selfie booth. Goodyear created a Snapchat GeoFilter and hashtag (#GYSTEMCAREERDAY) for this special day.

University engineering students in Turkey are trained to address environmental issues.