Goodyear is committed to inspiring students and adults to reach their full potential in school and help them prepare for careers.


20th Anniversary STEM Career Day

In 1999, Goodyear held its first day-long event to enlighten and enrich approximately 300 area students in the field of engineering. Two decades later, that tradition continued through the 20th anniversary STEM Career Day event in 2019. The effort has grown to two events, one designated for high-school students and another for middle-school students and now serves as a place for introduction and exploration for students into careers in science, technology, engineering and math. In 2019, Goodyear celebrated the anniversary milestone with more than 1,500 students.

Goodyear’s commitment to STEM education doesn’t end there. We formed the STEM Council in 2019 to align our efforts under one mission to develop a pipeline of STEM talent for our communities.

STEM Student Challenge

Goodyear hosted the second STEM Student Challenge in Luxembourg, which allowed 86 students to team up and design a machine similar to a Rube Goldberg Machine™. The 2019 challenge involved a project to move a load of model tires with an inflatable Goodyear Blimp and culminated with a live demo day, where top teams were able to demonstrate their machines for final judging at the Lycée Edward Steichen in Clervaux, Luxembourg.

Additionally, associates participated in the biannual Luxembourg Science Festival to promote science and research to students. More than 13,000 attendees had the opportunity to visit the Goodyear booth.

STEM Lab Opening

At the core of Goodyear’s sponsorship of the National Basketball Association’s Cleveland Cavaliers are shared values of drive, determination and a commitment to the community. The two organizations have teamed up off the court to make a commitment to provide additional STEM education resources to both the Akron Public School system and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. In 2019, this collaboration opened a co-branded STEM lab in both school districts featuring 3-D printers, video production and editing equipment, coding, computer aided design (CAD) and automation programs and technology-enhanced communication devices.