Goodyear is committed to ensuring all our manufacturing facilities worldwide have safe and healthy operations with the goal of protecting the safety, health and well-being of associates, contractors, the surrounding communities and the environment.

To protect worker health, a risk assessment process is used to evaluate the potential hazards of materials used or considered for use in manufacturing. These risk assessments are performed by a Global Product Stewardship/Sustainability Team with the purpose of identifying health risks so they can be minimized or eliminated.

Industrial Hygiene

To assure healthy workroom air quality, all manufacturing facilities conduct routine exposure monitoring for potentially hazardous chemicals and/or physical agents. All Goodyear sites follow a standardized sampling protocol that is recognized by the professional industrial hygiene community. The protocol establishes statistical confidence pertaining to exposures in the workplace, characterized according to process operation, jobs performed, tasks and chemical/physical agent of concern. Goodyear facilities worldwide typically collect more than 5,000 industrial hygiene samples per year to help ensure exposures remain well below all recognized exposure criteria – regulatory and consensus – and thereby minimize health risks to associates.