Our culture of health and safety is based on a global health strategy that focuses on four components: physical, emotional, financial, and social. These incorporate health benefits; wellness programs; environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) programs; and emergency preparedness, which together create a solid foundation; further supported by our global safety initiative, No One Gets Hurt, at work and at home.

We also understand the business benefits of a healthy and safe workforce. Proactively working for and with our associates to reduce illness and injury will significantly reduce those costs.

Our health and wellness programs include:

  • To ensure timely medical care, all Goodyear facilities have first-responder teams. Our larger sites have on-site occupational health clinics, called GoodLife Health Centers, and smaller manufacturing and non-manufacturing locations coordinate with local healthcare providers to support our operations.

  • Goodyear's wellness brand, GoodLife, was introduced in 2011 with the mission to maximize the health and well-being of our associates, control benefits costs and improve productivity by:
    • Preventing illness whenever possible;
    • When prevention is not possible, securing the right care at the right place at the right time; and
    • When treatment is no longer possible, assuring that people have the information available to support advanced illness.
  • We offer voluntary wellness physicals, as well as many health and wellness programs. Participation is measured periodically and we calculate our progress using four metrics:
    • Wellness Programs—The National Business Group on Health validation tool, Wiscore (Wellness Impact Scorecard).
    • Health Worksite—Centers for Disease Control Worksite Health Scorecard, an evidence-based tool for assessing healthy worksites.
    • Cost of Ill Health, using health risk scores to understand the health status of various worksite populations. This is a lagging indicator.
    • A Culture of Health scorecard—The Employer Health Opportunity Assessment™, an assessment tool of structure and process from HealthNext evaluating the more than 120 components that build a culture of health.
  • We have a long history of health promotion, dating to our early support for physical activity. In 2006, we introduced the Healthy Choice Incentive in the U.S. to motivate people toward healthier behaviors and earn monetary incentives in return, such as for participation in biometric testing.

Our efforts in the wellness area have yielded internal improvements and individual successes, along with recognition in the form of several awards. We earned "Fit-Friendly Worksites" recognition from the American Heart Association three years in a row. We also achieved the status of a Psychologically Healthy workplace by the Ohio Psychological Association in 2015.



Goodyear's wellness initiative for associates, GoodLife, provides the information, tools and programs that foster an atmosphere of wellness and promote a culture of health at Goodyear. The newest channel, the GoodLife app, launched in 2016.

Move Around the World

In 2015, Goodyear launched Move Around the World, a global health awareness campaign that asked associates to submit stories and pictures of their favorite way to move and stay active. A dedicated website allowed associates to share stories with each other about nutrition and physical activity.