Sustainable Materials Sourcing

At Goodyear, sustainable sourcing is our approach to managing responsibly the materials we use for our operations and products.

our commitment

why it matters

Goodyear is committed to sourcing responsibly from suppliers who align with our values and we recognize that our reputation extends beyond our own operations and includes our customers and our supply chain. In light of potential issues that may affect the global supply chain— including human rights, land grabbing and deforestation— Goodyear is actively working toward selecting more sustainable materials that deliver the same product quality and performance, if not better, and selecting suppliers who uphold fair working conditions, use sustainable harvesting practices and share our values.


what we're doing about it

Several teams at Goodyear are responsible for actively supporting our commitment to responsible sourcing. The governance of materials and sourcing is a shared effort between Goodyear’s Procurement and Innovation teams.

Before we source any material that will be used in our tire manufacturing process, Goodyear’s Product Stewardship team completes a review that includes gathering safety data sheets (SDS) and ensuring the materials comply with all applicable global chemical inventories and regulatory standards, including the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) and the U.S.’ Toxic Substances Control Act (TCSA). Goodyear’s Global Material Science team approves material specifications. In addition, through their management of change processes, our manufacturing facilities conduct EHS checks to help ensure safe use and compliance.


What we hope to achieve

At Goodyear, we strive to make an impact by our choice of the materials we use. We are committed to managing sourcing in a way that helps reduce environmental and social impacts and improve our global risk management. To that end, we are working to expand Goodyear’s requirements to include sustainable sourcing guidelines. Our goal is to implement these requirements with all suppliers, including guidelines for high-risk material suppliers, by 2021.

Goodyear’s supply chain includes direct materials such as natural and synthetic rubber, steel cord, fabrics, fillers, pigments, chemicals and oils, semi-finished goods such as bead wire, and indirect materials such as services, equipment, maintenance and transportation.

Materials by percentage (USTMA numbers for “typical” tires) can be seen in the graphic to the right.