AKRON, Ohio, March 30, 2009 – Now in its 100th year of developing innovative products for the aviation industry, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company’s Aviation business has done it again with the introduction of the world’s first aluminum core bead for use in aviation tires.

The patented light weight alloy bead core using aluminum is a revolution in weight savings.  The traditional construction of the bead has a steel center wrapped by strands of high tensile wire.  Goodyear has found a way to replace the steel core with aluminum.  The result is a significant weight savings.

The first production tire with this innovation, H37.5x12.0R19, will be fitted on the Gulfstream G650.  The weight savings on this tire equates to three pounds per tire. 

“Goodyear introduced the first airplane tire in 1909, and since then, we have continued to innovate in aviation tires,” said Pierre Jambon, General Manager of Goodyear’s Global Aviation business.  “The aluminum core bead is just the latest ‘first’ from the company that has been a pioneer in the aviation industry.”

In 1909, Goodyear started its tradition of innovation by introducing the first airplane tire. A century later, Goodyear is the world’s largest supplier of aviation tires for commercial, military and general aviation aircraft.  Goodyear manufactures aviation tires and retreads in the United States, Thailand, Brazil, and The Netherlands.  For more information on Goodyear aviation tires, retreading and services, and to see the new 100th anniversary logo, visit  www.goodyearaviation.com.