Select fleets can now customize and lease Goodyear CheckPoint devices for their truck yards, optimized for their tire program

AKRON, Ohio, Sept. 14, 2021 – The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company today announced that it will now offer customized leasing options for Goodyear CheckPoint, a drive-over-reader device that automatically inspects tire pressure and tread depth and sends actionable insights to fleet managers. These new leasing options will make Goodyear CheckPoint more accessible to Goodyear national account fleets of all sizes throughout the U.S. and Canada. By working with a Goodyear sales associate, such fleets can explore use of the device and payment options for their business.

With Goodyear CheckPoint installed at a fleet yard entrance, the in-ground device automatically scans passing trucks and triggers alerts to fleet maintenance teams if there are any immediate tire concerns that require attention, such as low pressure or tread wear. This solution enables large numbers of vehicles to be inspected efficiently and offers a frequently updated snapshot of a fleet’s overall tire program health.

“Goodyear CheckPoint is designed to help fleets to better maintain their tires by keeping pressure at optimal levels, which can extend both casing life and tread wear,” said Johnny McIntosh, director, Goodyear Integrated Tire Solutions. “This can add up to significant cost savings, as improper air pressure causes about 85% of tire failures1, which often result in unanticipated and costly roadside breakdowns.”

Goodyear CheckPoint has also shown to help fleets save on labor. In one study comparing the time it takes to conduct tire inspections with the drive-over-reader device versus manual inspections, Goodyear CheckPoint delivered a 90% reduction in time taken to inspect fleet tire depth and pressure2

This year alone, Goodyear CheckPoint devices in North America have automatically inspected more than 1.5 million tires and alerted fleets to 126,000 potential, costly issues so they could proactively seek maintenance.

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1 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration - Washington, DC Commercial Vehicle Condition Sensors, Booze Allen Hamilton Inc. 2003.

2Comparative data from Transportes Garcia de la Fuente, Madrid, to check 750 vehicles with versus without CheckPoint (fka DOR).


SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

At the 2021 Technology & Maintenance Council Conference, Goodyear displays its full suite of innovative and unique Complete Tire Management solutions, which include CheckPoint, SightLine, Tire Optix, TPMS Plus and Fleet Central. (Jessica Yanesh for Goodyear)

Austin Crayne, Goodyear’s business development manager, demonstrates the Goodyear CheckPoint drive-over-reader device – now available in customizable leasing options for North American fleets – which provides automated tire inspections for pressure and tread depth. (Jessica Yanesh for Goodyear)

Announced today, Goodyear CheckPoint is more accessible to fleets of all sizes throughout the U.S. and Canada, and will help fleets save on labor, and will also reduce the amount of time needed to do the same inspections done manually by 90%.

Jamie Redmond, Goodyear’s customer engagement specialist, demonstrates Tire Optix, Goodyear’s digital inspection toolset, enables fleets to capture tire data accurately and efficiently with instant results. The solution provides an easy-to-use, handheld digital tire inspection toolset and helps fleets save time and labor hours on tire reading and preventative maintenance. (Jessica Yanesh for Goodyear)

Goodyear’s TPMS Plus is a connected, active monitoring system for fleets that goes beyond traditional dashboard monitoring to help identify inflation trends and more. TPMS Plus is one of several solutions that continues Goodyear’s commitment to defining tire management for the transportation industry. (Jessica Yanesh for Goodyear)