AKRON, Ohio, Nov. 18 ─ While not many drivers want to think about freezing temperatures and snow-covered roads, they are reminded that the comfort level of their winter driving may be dependent upon the gripping ability of their tires.

Not only that, but the venerable Farmers’ Almanac is predicting a colder-than-normal winter for much of the U.S., with “piles of snow” in the upper Midwest and Great Lakes regions.

If such predictions are true – and the Farmers’ Almanac is right about 80-85 percent of the time – Goodyear officials said motorists shouldn’t wait much longer to improve their traction on hazardous roads and highways. It’s not too late to consider a set of new tires for the family car, pickup or sport-utility vehicle.

“It’s never too late to prepare your vehicle for winter,” said Garth Ely, Goodyear brand marketing director. “Along with the antifreeze and battery check-ups, an inspection of the tire tread should be a year-round practice, but especially as we prepare for potential slippery road conditions.”

Ely recommends a set of winter tires for motorists in severe winter regions. That is one reason Goodyear recently introduced the Ultra Grip Ice WRT winter tire, with tread designs for both SUVs and light-trucks.

The tire features Winter Reactive Technology, a combination of innovative tire features that work together to help provide a balance of starting, stopping and turning traction to help drivers react to changing winter road conditions. The tire features 2D blades in the center zone for hardworking biting edges for enhanced starting and stopping power on snow and ice. Goodyear’s 3D TredLock Technology blades in the shoulder zone of the tire lock together to form large outer tread blocks for confident winter grip and handling in sweeping turns.

He reminds motorists that the Farmers’ Almanac’s forecast last winter was largely on the mark. The heavy amounts of snow and the deep freeze felt by much of the northern U.S. last winter was predicted.

The weather formula of the Farmers’ Almanac is a closely guarded secret. It is prepared two years in advance and the forecasts are based on sunspots, planet position and the moon’s tidal action.

For more information about the Ultra Grip line of winter tires or any other Goodyear tires, visit www.goodyeartires.com.


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