talent management

Our associates are the driving force behind Goodyear’s success. They underpin every aspect of our Strategy Roadmap and help Goodyear deliver value to our customers, shareholders and communities. We provide integrated talent management and learning solutions aimed at enabling our associates to reach their full personal and professional potential at Goodyear.

Guided by our global talent strategy, Goodyear’s Senior VP and Chief Human Resources Officer oversees the Global Human Resources (HR) teams and all talent attraction, development and retention programs. These HR teams implement our talent management strategy both globally and locally, analyze our successes and identify areas of opportunity.


Winning in the marketplace starts with attracting the right talent, those who live our values—acting with integrity, inspiring each other, collaborating, embracing change and delivering results. Our Global HR team builds and executes unique strategies for attracting interns; salaried associates; retail and hourly positions; and executives. For example, with interns and entry-level positions, we participate in annual career fairs and have a university recruiting council with representatives from across the Company to align our campus recruiting efforts. We use key performance indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of our various talent attraction strategies.

Critical to talent acquisition is the ability to identify internal talent for open positions. We encourage our associates to check for current job postings of interest through Goodyear’s career site—the same place where external candidates can easily view and apply for Goodyear jobs. Additionally, we encourage our associates to regularly update their professional work profiles in our talent management system for potential career advancement opportunities.


Developing our talent is key to retention and business growth, and we offer a number of tools to help associates have fulfilling careers including, Talent Central, a central repository of career development resources, and The Goodyear Learning Center (GLC), our in-house collection of online courses available to all associates. The GLC offers more than 31,500 courses to help associates develop leadership and professional skills, technical capability and business acumen, including the entire LinkedIn.com course library available in multiple languages. Additionally, each year we host an Associate Learning Week, available to all associates. Associate Learning Week classes are organized under three tracks: “Power Up” helps associates grow their understanding of Goodyear and its business operations; “Accelerate” shows associates how to advance their career through professional development; and “Recharge” demonstrates the tools and activities to help them stay engaged and healthy. In 2019, we offered 335 in-person and online sessions during Associate Learning Week.

In our manufacturing plants, one of the pillars of Goodyear’s PO operating system is Continuous Skills Development, which focuses on developing problem-solving and decision-making skills for all manufacturing associates. We accomplish this through the PO Academy with ongoing learning experiences and workshops on various technical and soft skills. In addition, our Global Manufacturing Leadership Program provides training and mentoring to develop the next generation of plant leaders. We successfully launched a Plant Manufacturing Director Program for all plant directors and managers in 2018 and expanded that program in 2019. These programs assist in capturing and transferring knowledge from incumbent leaders and sharing best practices across our business.

Associates and managers create annual performance and development plans as part of Goodyear’s Performance Development Process (PDP). Resources enable associates and managers to align their actions to Goodyear’s strategic goals. While PDP plans are created during annual conversations between associates and managers, we also encourage ongoing dialogue and coaching through informal development check-ins throughout the year and promote Goodyear’s Connect and GROW training series to facilitate meaningful discussions.  From 2017 to 2019, Goodyear trained 3,300 associates in Connect and GROW.

We understand that our associates may have career aspirations beyond those directly aligned to their current position, and we want to encourage personal development to increase overall job satisfaction and career advancement. To facilitate this, we offer the capability for salaried associates to create Individual Development Plans (IDPs) to map their career aspirations and short- and long-term goals.

Talent Engagement & Retention Performance

Our robust personal and career development programs – combined with our diverse and inclusive culture; health and wellness initiatives; and community engagement opportunities – illustrate our commitment to our associates’ overall wellbeing and satisfaction at Goodyear.

To measure our effectiveness in delivering on “How We’ll Work” in our Strategy Roadmap, Goodyear implemented a global engagement pulse survey at the end of 2018 and continued surveying throughout 2019. Each quarter, we invite 25% of our salaried workforce to complete the survey, ultimately gathering feedback from 100% of salaried associates annually. Having more frequent touchpoints with associates allows us to collect and respond to feedback more quickly and to measure our progress on an ongoing basis.

Hourly associates in our manufacturing and retail facilities also participate in stay interviews, career development interviews and skip-level meetings to provide continuous feedback. Stay interviews offer an opportunity to deepen relationships and build trust with associates and allows us to assess the degree of associate satisfaction and engagement that exists in a department. This strategy is used frequently throughout the Company and specifically within our manufacturing plants. Career development interviews within the manufacturing footprint are conducted at designated periods of time each year for consistency. Through these interviews we gain insight into associate motivators and career aspirations to better focus our development and retention efforts. In skip-level meetings, senior leaders meet with associates in an informal setting to discuss matters of importance to the associates. Similar to the stay interviews, these discussions allow for open dialogue and candid feedback.

We also offer an electronic exit interview survey to salaried associates who elect to leave Goodyear to better understand why they chose to move on. We evaluate the survey responses to look for themes and opportunities for improvement to share with HR and business leaders. This critical information informs our ever-evolving talent strategy and helps us take actions to supplement or improve our career development, engagement and retention programs.

Succession Planning

Goodyear measures the retention of our top 50 most critical positions worldwide and undergoes robust succession planning to prepare the next generation of Goodyear leaders. Our vision is to have ready-now successors that can step into our most critical positions at any given time. To determine which roles are most critical for succession planning, our Global HR team disseminates a succession planning process that all HR teams complete on an annual basis. Global HR aggregates the results and reviews the top 50 roles in detail with senior leadership, as well as our progress on the following five accountability metrics/goals:

•        100% ready-now successors for our top 50 positions

•        100% execution against the top 50 succession plans

•        100% retention rate of high-potential talent

•        Year-over-year increase in global female leadership in executive pipeline

•        Year-over-year increase in US diverse leadership in executive pipeline

We put these metrics in place in 2017 to evaluate the strength of our succession plans and internal processes. Our HR team shares these metrics with business unit leaders, along with a toolkit to help them create customized development plans to accelerate successor readiness.