125th anniversary header image "Goodyear: 125 Years In Motion"

Goodyear: 125 Years in Motion – Official Docuseries Trailer

In celebration of Goodyear’s 125th anniversary, the company is releasing a seven-part docuseries highlighting Goodyear's rich history of trusted products and services, dedicated associates, loyal customers and industry-leading innovations.

First Episode Coming May 30th

Start Your Engines: The Beginning

This segment will look at Goodyear’s origins in 1898, its inspiration, its first products, its founders and its home in Akron, Ohio.

First Episode Docuseries Poster "Start Your Engines: The Beginning"

Coming Soon

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A Message from Goodyear CEO Rich Kramer


View and download the film posters below to share the exciting news of the upcoming premier of Goodyear: 125 Years in Motion.

Since 1898, Goodyear has had the pleasure of calling Akron, Ohio home. For these 125 years, Goodyear has grown to be an integral part of the Akron community, and Akron has become a mainstay of the organization’s history.

In celebration of our 125th anniversary, Goodyear has collaborated with local Akron-based artists to develop movie posters for the company’s docuseries. The posters, inspired by Goodyear’s presence in Akron, Ohio, reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to support our community.

Movie poster designed by Akron, Ohio native Chris Harvey, a freelance graphic designer, photographer and digital artist. View Chris’s work at www.chrish330.com.

Goodyear 125 Years in Motion - Chris Harvey - 12x18 (PNG, 1.2 MB)

Movie poster designed by Sylvia Sykes, a figurative artist based in Akron, Ohio. View Sylvia’s work at www.sylviasykesart.com.

Goodyear 125 Years in Motion - Sylvia Sykes - 12x18 (PNG, 12.1 MB)