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Goodyear’s Better Future framework guides our community engagement efforts around the world.  The focus of our efforts is to engage our associates in serving our communities and create positive outcomes in three areas; promoting safe mobility, inspiring students to reach their full potential and reducing our environmental impact.

Giving back to and serving the communities in which we live and work is an integral part of Goodyear’s culture. In doing this, we seek to build and support collaborative programs that create positive outcomes for people, communities and the world around us.

Our community engagement strategy is global, with a focus on local implementation. With an understanding that each location is different, we support communities based on local needs and resources through our expertise, time and financial support. This strategy and associated policies are developed at the corporate level and then shared with and customized by our regions and facilities around the world. Our Community Engagement team, which reports to our Chief Communications Officer, provides the necessary tools, resources and guidance to help our locations meet the needs of their respective communities.

Our global community engagement strategy and efforts are an extension of our business, and providing our associates with meaningful volunteer opportunities is a key component of this strategy. We regularly share with our associates—through focused communications—how volunteerism helps to create value for both our internal and external stakeholders. In addition, our Community Engagement team works closely with leaders across the organization to build volunteerism-based plans for their respective functions.

Goodyear associates contribute their time and talent year-round helping to improve our communities. We do this by aligning our volunteer programs to our three engagement pillars—Safe, Smart and Sustainable.

Safe: Promoting safe mobility to protect our communities.

Smart: Inspiring students to reach their full potential and prepare for careers.

Sustainable: Supporting environmental and societal needs to help communities thrive.

Our Global Week of Volunteering is Goodyear's largest community program. In 2023, we saw a 20% year-over-year increase in associate participation, compared to 2022. More than 1,800 associates—including field associates and associates from manufacturing facilities and office locations—were inspired this past year to take time to work together to improve our communities over the course of one week. This effort allows us to make collective impact together, while engaging more associates with volunteerism.

We continuously look at ways to make our communities stronger and help to build a better future. In 2023, Goodyear associates logged more than 13,400 volunteer hours with 123 non-profit organizations. Additionally, each year, we set a goal focused on our Global Week of Volunteering. Our goal for 2023 was to grow our Global Week of Volunteering by executing 125 volunteer events in 35 Goodyear locations totaling 6,000 volunteer hours. In 2023, we met this goal with associates from 35 Goodyear locations participating in 148 projects totally more than 6,500 volunteer hours.

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