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Working At Goodyear | Goodyear Corporate

Company History


At Goodyear, we have built our foundation on a commitment to forward-thinking innovation, and our industry-leading new product engine helps us bring new products to market that feature the latest advances in materials and technologies. As a company, we embrace the diversity of our workforce and value the contribution of our associates. We strive to provide associates with a safe work environment, the resources they need to do their jobs, and ample opportunities for growth. These objectives, coupled with competitive compensation and benefits, allow us to foster an environment where associates can work to achieve their full potential and contribute to the company’s success.


Company History


From the Goodyear Learning Center to tuition reimbursement for continuous education, we believe that your personal and professional development will help you take the next step in your career with Goodyear. Our dedicated learning and development team is committed to continuous growth for our associates by providing opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge as they move into the future.

To help associates develop and advance within their roles at Goodyear, each division is responsible for providing training based on specific needs, but we also sponsor our associates’ need for personal development, whether it’s learning through outside education or internal job experience assignments.

The opportunity for growth is available to everyone pursuing a career with Goodyear, and we offer many professional and personal development resources covering a wide variety of skill sets and competencies, including:

  • Public speaking
  • Effective negotiations
  • Selling skills
  • Communications
  • Computer skills
  • Finance
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Basic management
  • Advanced management
  • Product training
  • Supervisory skills
  • Team skills

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Company History


Diversity in the workplace is crucial to the success of our business. Goodyear’s global network helps us to educate and provide insight into how to build a stronger workforce by valuing different skills among team members and promoting programs for development.

Here at Goodyear, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse environment, where all associates feel respected, welcomed, challenged, and valued. Our aim is to support and encourage a highly engaged workforce that positions us to achieve our goals of accomplishing key business objectives while optimizing performance for our customers and ensuring our workforce is reflective of the communities we serve.

Diversity Recruiting

  • Diversity career fair attendance
  • In 2015, Goodyear committed to hiring more than 2,000 military veterans. Through 2019 military veterans make up more than 6.7% of our U.S. workforce.
  • Emphasis on entry-level campus recruiting
  • A strong representation (44%) of non-U.S. associates at the leadership level

Employee Resource Groups

At Goodyear, employee resource groups emerge when a group of associates voluntarily join together based on shared characteristics, dimensions of diversity, or life experiences. These groups are aligned with Goodyear’s organizational mission, values, goals, and objectives. Goodyear recognizes the value and generosity these groups provide in supporting the company's goals and objectives.

  • Goodyear Women's Network
    • The mission of Goodyear Women’s Network (GWN) is to promote excellence and diversity by providing opportunities to attract, develop, motivate, and retain women through networking, professional development and mentoring events.
  • Next Generation Leaders
    • Next Gen exists to connect, develop and inspire motivated professionals within Goodyear by providing opportunities to enhance employee engagement, professional satisfaction and business performance.
  • Goodyear Veterans Association
    • The Goodyear Veterans Association has the mission to connect, develop, and inspire motivated professionals within Goodyear by providing opportunities to enhance employee engagement, professional satisfaction, and business performance. Veterans, Guardsmen and Reservists seeking civilian careers have found great success in the Goodyear culture. We place strong value on leadership traits such as building talent and teams, problem solving, effective communication and courageous decision making.
  • Goodyear Black Network
    • Goodyear Black Network (GBN) promotes the development, recruitment, attainment and advancement of associates. GBN is based on the principles that provide employees with skills, resources and motivation to assist in personal and business growth.   
  • Goodyear Pride Network
    • The mission of the Goodyear Pride Network is to advocate for a work environment that supports and celebrates LGBT professionals, enabling them to feel like they can comfortably bring their whole selves to work, perform to their fullest potential, and contribute to the greater goals of Goodyear.  The group includes LGBT associates as well as allies and includes education, awareness, social events and activities throughout the year.  All are welcome! 
    • HOLA seeks to provide valuable Hispanic/Latino cultural competency to foster the professional development of members. Our purpose is focused on attracting, retaining and developing associates, spreading and promoting the power of inclusion, and assisting Goodyear in delivering sustainable revenue and profitable growth.
    • AIM promotes diversity and inclusion through fostering networking, supporting recruitment and retention efforts, providing mentorship opportunities and cultural education for all associates to perform at their full potential and collaborate to achieve Goodyear’s goals.


Goals of the Employee Resource Groups include:

  • To educate and promote cultural diversity 
  • To network and learn from others
  • To develop professional skill sets
  • To add value to the business
  • To provide community outreach


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Company History


Goodyear is proud of our program, GoodLife, which helps associates improve their health and wellness. The GoodLife mission is to foster an atmosphere of wellness, promoting a culture of health for Goodyear associates and their families. We achieve this goal by providing information, tools, and resources that empower associates to become healthy, engaged, and productive at work and at home.

The culture of health at Goodyear is built on four pillars:

Health Benefits

Goodyear provides you with benefits and tools to help you take control of and manage your health and planning for the future. From medical benefits and paid vacations and holidays to creating a 401(k) for the future, Goodyear provides you with the resources you need to be your best on and off the job.

Wellness Programs

GoodLife offers a wide variety of resources to help our associates make small lifestyle changes to live a healthier life. Goodyear cares about the well being of associates and their families. Our global shared values “encourage wellness and safety both on the job and away from work.” Our programs help associates and their families make the most of their medical benefits and minimize complications that can arise from certain health conditions.


Goodyear associates around the world know there is nothing more important than safety. We work to create an environment that fosters health and safety both at work and at home. We regularly talk about our safety performance and are constantly seeking ways to live and work toward our global goal: No One Gets Hurt.

Emergency Preparedness

Goodyear focuses on building resilience to help prepare for unexpected life emergencies. Our global business continuity process includes preparedness, response, and recovery during any incident. Our focus and concern is for all our associates and business partners, facilities, and business operations and ultimately prepare against a potential supply chain impact.

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Company History


In 2014, Goodyear took a bold step forward in the history of our company with the opening of a new, state-of-the-art headquarters building in Akron, Ohio, offering enhanced technology and collaboration opportunities for our associates, and the potential for exciting new developments for our customers.

A Collaborative Space

The global headquarters is located next to the Goodyear Innovation Center, literally bridging the gap between the market and innovation. This connected campus is an important piece of Goodyear’s evolving and collaborative culture. The bright, open design promotes a transparent working environment and enables the formation of teamwork and social bonds that support collaboration and innovative thinking.

A Place to Grow and Learn

Goodyear’s global headquarters fully supports learning and development through a variety of meeting spaces and the Goodyear Learning Center. Innovative materials and systems are used throughout the building to support idea building and problem solving, while conference centers, various-size meetings rooms, and digital tools help associates leverage the skills and knowledge of their teams. This enables associates to create, acquire, transfer, and retain knowledge and reinforces our commitment to become a Learning Organization.

Built for a Better Tomorrow

Goodyear’s global headquarters building was designed down to the smallest details to promote sustainability and conservation, earning a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design® (LEED) rating from the U.S. Green Building Council®.
Goodyear’s global headquarters utilizes smart and sustainable materials throughout the building—each element was selected to meet sustainability requirements. Almost 90% of the wood in the building is from sustainable sources, and the two types of roof systems—white and vegetated—reduce heat gain. The building’s low-flow plumbing fixtures allow for a water-use reduction of 42%, and much of the site area was restored with native or adaptive species plantings that require little watering or maintenance.
In the words of Richard J. Kramer, our chairman and CEO, "This certification represents a further step in our commitment to sustainability and reinforces Goodyear's shared value of caring for our environments and communities."  

Associate Amenities

Features such as a fitness and wellness center support healthy lifestyles and enable associates to leave work healthier than when they arrived. Among the building’s new employee amenities are fitness facilities, an outdoor exercise path, bicycle storage, showers, and changing rooms.
The new Goodyear HQ café features a wireless, natural-light dining area and a patio that’s open during warmer weather, alongside an array of exciting food stations offering everything from wood-fired pizza to a specialty station featuring healthy options. If you’re watching what you eat, you can consult with an on-site dietician or tap into an iPad kiosk to help answer your nutrition and health questions. Sometimes, we’ll even invite guest chefs to the café to perform cooking events, with demonstrations, new recipes, and nutrition information.

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