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Goodyear Update on Malaysia Labor Issues

Goodyear is committed to human rights and fair labor standards at our facilities in Malaysia and around the world. Goodyear and Goodyear Malaysia have completed a thorough review of concerns raised by workers, which included an independent social audit and an outside accounting analysis of compensation, and have taken a number of actions, including: 

  • Goodyear Malaysia has concluded a settlement with the workers represented in the dispute over wages and benefits in accordance with the terms of the court rulings. The company is pleased to have achieved an outcome that is agreeable to the workers.
  • Separately, Goodyear Malaysia parted ways with the third-party vendor that was involved in the matter and replaced an HR manager at the Malaysia plant in connection with this matter.  
  • Additionally, Goodyear has updated its Supplier Code of Conduct to make it clear that charging recruitment fees is prohibited and strengthened its third-party vendor evaluation process to ensure compliance with the company’s values and policies.