Goodyear promotes safe mobility to make communities stronger. This is accomplished by providing high-quality products and services, as well as by supporting programs to promote safe mobility where our associates live and work.

To accomplish these goals, we leverage the expertise of our associates where there are opportunities. Goodyear supports public education campaigns, road safety-focused community engagement programs and an array of other safety programs throughout the world.

Safe Mobility Project

In Akron, Ohio, The Goodyear Foundation collaborates with Akron Children’s Hospital on the Safe Mobility Project.  The project focuses on expanding the hospital’s safety programs focusing on child passenger seats, bike helmets, pedestrian safety and developing a new effort for teen drivers. In addition to the foundation’s financial support for the Safe Mobility Project, Goodyear associates will have the opportunity to participate in the program as community volunteers.

Safe Way to School

In Debica, Poland, Goodyear supports the Safe Way to School Campaign for future first graders. This program teaches children the principles of safe road behavior and raises awareness of the dangers they may face on their way to and from school. Students receive a reflective vest and triangles, as well as a coloring book that reinforces safe behaviors. Additionally, Goodyear provides financial support and medical equipment to secondary school students for first aid training.

Rainy Season Awareness

The Goodyear Rainy Season Awareness Campaign held in Guatemala, helps motorists prepare for safe rainy season driving. Goodyear associates provide motorists participating in the tire inspection campaign with support materials and driving tips for difficult weather conditions.

Race Collaboration

In Spain, Goodyear collaborates with the Royal Automotive Club of Spain (RACE) to provide an educational program for young people. This program provides information to prevent road risks and promote responsible road behavior for drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

new driver road safety

Goodyear associates promote bicycle safety through the Safe Mobility Project.

tire inspections


Goodyear promotes tire inspections before the rainy season in Guatemala.