Diversity & Inclusion

A diverse workforce is critical to Goodyear’s long-term success. Embracing and valuing differences allows us to attract top talent; improve associate satisfaction and engagement; foster innovation; and meld varying experiences and perspectives to drive enhanced customer service, business creativity and decision-making. Our goal is to create a work environment where people have a real sense of belonging and are able to thrive.

We are committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment, which is reflected in the policies that govern our workplace, such as the Business Conduct Manual and Global Zero Tolerance booklet. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I) is also evident in our recruiting strategies, succession planning, D&I training and Employee Resource Groups (ESGs). Goodyear’s Senior VP and Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for engaging functional and facility leaders around our D&I strategy. Our senior leadership team reviews the strategy as well as key performance indicators and actions and reports out annually to our Board of Directors.

Our efforts include embedding D&I into our talent processes. We actively work to improve our hiring processes and community partnerships to recruit and retain diverse talent, such as requiring our recruiters to become AIRS Diversity and Inclusion Certified. To realize year-over-year increases in the diversity of our workforce, our HR teams strive to have qualified female and minority candidates on every executive slate and participate in national and regional career fair events, such as the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), the Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHEPE), and the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGS)

Key to our inclusion efforts are our robust ERGs, including Goodyear Black Network (GBN); Goodyear Veterans Association (GVA); Goodyear Women’s Network (GWN); Goodyear Pride Network (GPN); HOLA (Hispanic/Latino); and Next Generation Leaders (NEXTGEN). In 2019, we launched an additional global ERG, Goodyear Asia India Middle East (AIM).

Each ERG has goals to:

• Create awareness of company resources and information through outreach and coordination with members

• Support Goodyear in our efforts to attract, develop and retain associates by:

- Assisting in outreach and recruiting efforts

- Helping to introduce new and current associates to the organization and culture

- Providing opportunities for professional growth and leadership skills development

- Connecting associates with role models and mentors

- Providing opportunities to showcase work-related skills and connect with senior leadership

- Offering associates a sense of community and belonging

• Provide feedback, articulate shared interests and foster open dialogue with executive sponsors and the Office of D&I

• Ensure the ERG activities are consistent with and reinforce Goodyear’s Strategy Roadmap

Due to the growing number of ERG chapters around the world, our HR team and ERG leadership have developed local guidance, which includes the ERG governance structure; the role of mentors and mentees; bylaws; business connectivity; and community involvement.