Health & Wellness

Goodyear is proud of our program, Good Life, which helps associates improve their health and wellness. The Good Life mission is to foster an atmosphere of wellness, promoting a culture of health for Goodyear associates and their families. We achieve this goal by providing information, tools, and resources that empower associates to become healthy, engaged, and productive at work and at home.

Goodyear strives to be at the forefront of corporate wellness, and that goal is the driver behind our award-winning “GoodLife” program. Led by Goodyear’s Chief Health Officer, GoodLife aims to foster a culture of wellness for all Goodyear associates and their families by providing resources to help them achieve wellbeing. We measure our progress in three ways:

1. Overall wellness of our associates, including physical, emotional, financial and social health;

2. Health of our worksites; and

3. Engagement in our wellness programs.

healthy associates 

We encourage the physical health of our associates through various voluntary programs such as wellness physicals, a Healthy Choice Incentive and corporate challenges. Our GoodLife website is available in five languages and makes company resources more accessible to U.S.-based employees and spouses on the go, including those in manufacturing and retail positions with limited or no access to computers at work. In addition to accessing information on the Company’s benefits and wellness and safety programs, associates can participate in fitness challenges and sync personal fitness trackers to measure performance, engage in nutrition and activity-based programs and access materials from “GoodLife University,” a health learning curriculum, including courses on general health, heart health, diabetes management and stress management. Our corporate Cardio Challenge was the first program to successfully utilize the new GoodLife site, and we plan to make our GoodLife platform available to all associates worldwide by 2023.

In addition to physical health, we recognize and address the importance of the emotional health of our associates. Our Chief Health Officer’s bi-weekly blog on the GoodLife site features aspects of emotional wellbeing such as work-life balance and tips on how to handle stress and life issues. We also actively promote our Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) which are now accessible to 100% of our associates worldwide.