Membership in associations

We demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development by collaborating with a variety of organizations.

Our Associations

Tire Industry Project (TIP)

Goodyear is a leader in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Tire Industry Project (TIP) , formed in 2005 as a global, voluntary, CEO-led initiative undertaken by 11 leading tire companies. Together, TIP member companies, representing approximately 65% of the world’s tire manufacturing capacity, work to anticipate, identify, analyze and address the potential human health and environmental impacts associated with tire development, use and management through end of life.

TIP’s focus areas include end-of-life tire management, tire and road wear particles (TRWP), and sustainable natural rubber.

TIP member CEOs meet biennially to review project progress and approve a two-year work plan. The work plan is reviewed by an assurance group of independent scientists who provide guidance on the scientific relevance and robustness of planned work.

Some of TIP’s major accomplishments from 2019 include:

·        Sustainable Natural Rubber – Participated in inaugural general meeting of the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR), and a Goodyear representative was elected to Executive Committee.

·        Tire and Road Wear Particles (TRWP) - Completed a study, “Evaluation of Tire Wear Contribution to PM2.5 in Urban Environments,” that demonstrated that TRWP are a minor contributor to airborne particulate in three major cities. TIP has supported research on the subject for more than a decade and has made substantial contributions to relevant scientific literature.

·        End-of-Life Tires (ELT) - Published an updated TIP global state of knowledge report on management issues and opportunities for the industry.

·        Environmental Impacts - Published 2019 edition of the TIP report on environmental key performance indicators (KPIs) for tire manufacturing, noting overall improvement in TIP member performance.


The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) is a unique non-profit organization where Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, service providers, government entities and academia have worked collaboratively for more than 38 years to drive down costs and complexity within the automotive supply chain. In 2019, Goodyear joined AIAG’s Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee.


Goodyear is a member of the Conference Board’s Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs Council. Through its membership, Goodyear is able to exchange ideas and best practices about product-related regulatory, compliance and responsibility matters with peers from other companies and industries.

Goodyear is also a member of the Conference Board’s Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council , which provides members with a forum for sharing experiences, knowledge and best practices, as well as its Sustainability Council 1: Strategy & Implementation, which comprises companies that strive to track, manage and reduce their environmental and social footprints in their operations and across their supply chains.