Leadership Message

A message from Rich Kramer and Ellis Jones.

An essential part of Goodyear’s business strategy is our commitment to sustainable processes, materials and programs that preserve and protect people, communities and the environment. This commitment is not an addendum to strategy, but a critical element, connected to everything we do.

Also essential is our constant evaluation of our progress. Though Goodyear’s Corporate Responsibility Report is an annual account – this one about our 2019 performance – we assess impacts, risks, opportunities and innovation every day. This work is vital to moving our business forward and building a company for rapidly changing preferences toward mobility around the globe.

As this report was prepared, the world was battling an unprecedented global health and economic crisis that has affected everyone – our associates, our shareholders, our customers, our suppliers, our consumers, our communities and all of our stakeholders. In addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, we are focused on the health and wellbeing of our associates, contractors and customers, continuing to deliver our essential products to those on the front lines of this crisis, and ensuring the long-term continuity of our business.

The pandemic forced us to cancel our 2020 Global Week of Volunteering, where thousands of Goodyear associates would have volunteered to help their communities around the world. However, our associates continued to serve by focusing on essential workers during the crisis. We’re proud that our associates made and donated personal protective equipment (PPE) in several communities; provided supply chain, procurement and engineering expertise to several health care systems; kept essential workers and fleets on the road and provided solutions like zero contact options and special discounts through our retail and commercial centers; financially supported multiple organizations; and presented Blimp Camp on social media for homeschooling families, among other activities.

While the COVID-19 pandemic was impacting the world, recent tragic incidents against Black Americans moved racial injustice to the forefront of all our minds, and rightly so. Racial inequality has plagued our country and our communities for far too long. We – both as a company and as concerned citizens – are committed to supporting change for the better. We acknowledge the challenge to become the diverse and inclusive workplace we aspire to be, and we are up to that challenge.

In 2019, Goodyear strengthened the connection of our core business with our commitment to corporate responsibility. The contact points of that connection are defined as our four Pillars of Corporate Responsibility:

•Inspiring Culture – Promoting ethical behavior and an engaged culture through wellness; diversity and inclusion; talent development; and community involvement

•Sustainable Sourcing – Managing sourcing in a way that reduces environmental and social impacts and improves our global risk management

•Responsible Operations – Safeguarding our people, monitoring and managing our environmental impacts, and ensuring product quality and business continuity

• Advanced Mobility – Providing optimal mobility performance for the needs of today and shaping the sustainable mobility opportunities of the future

Among the examples of our commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices are four that serve as clear illustrations.

•Soybean Oil Technology – While the use of soybean oil as a replacement for some petroleum-based components in our tires is clearly better for the environment, it was not the only driving factor. As engineers in our Innovation Centers pursue ways to enhance our tires’ performance, sustainability of components is one of many factors considered. The use of soybean oil was a new way to make our tread compounds more pliable in varying weather conditions while increasing sustainability. Product development and responsible business practices are connected.

•Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) – Our ERGs are integral to our efforts to attract, develop and retain diverse associates and foster an inclusive work environment. Through actions such as providing opportunities for education, professional growth and leadership skills development, and connecting associates with role models and mentors, our ERGs help the Company offer associates a sense of community and belonging.

•Rolling Resistance – We continue to enhance our product development capabilities in areas that benefit customers, consumers and the environment - notably in rolling resistance, which translates directly into fuel efficiency. Maintaining grip and traction while delivering benefits in overall fuel mileage and - for Electric Vehicles (EVs) - extending the driving range are breakthrough accomplishments. Winning more EV fitments due to meeting the increased complexity demands of these vehicles is something only a few tire manufacturers can do.

•Business Continuity – Our Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) teams around the world collaborate with our businesses daily and are our front line in times of crisis, threat or extraordinary circumstances. Business Continuity teams keep our essential customer service operations running, and our regional and country-based business teams keep critical goods and services moving to those who need them most.

At Goodyear, corporate responsibility is not merely a collection of policies that allow us to check the box of being a good corporate citizen. It’s part of our DNA and every day is becoming more ingrained in who we are, what we do and how we do it.

We are encouraged by our progress and inspired to perform even better. And we know that as the world changes, customers and consumers will expect more. We are confident that by staying connected to our stakeholders, Goodyear will further embed our corporate responsibility strategy in everything we do.



Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President



Vice President, Global Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) and Business Continuity




Richard J. Kramer

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President

Ellis A. Jones

Vice President, Global Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) and Business Continuity