workforce safety & health

Operating in a responsible manner worldwide leads to protecting our people, our planet, our financial health and our good name.

our commitment

why it matters

At Goodyear, our vision is to be known as having the safest operations in the world. We have also established the goal of eliminating all serious injuries and fatalities in our workplace while achieving a total incident rate (TIR) of less than 1.0 by 2023. While this goal contributes to the longterm success of our company, it is in place for the health and safety of our people. We believe there is nothing more important than our associates and contractors going home safely at the end of each work day.


what we're doing about it

Goodyear’s integrated Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) governance approach ensures that objectives cascade from senior leadership to the regions and throughout each facility. Our Senior Director of Global Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) facilitates the Goodyear EHS Governance Council, which provides an aligned strategy for regional EHS teams and sets organizational EHS expectations. Goodyear’s Senior Leadership Team holds the Governance Council and local facility teams accountable for strategy execution and results.

Our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy underscores the principles that guide us toward continuous improvement of environmental, health and safety in our workplaces. Additionally, 18 facilities are Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001-certified, along with the 44 facilities that are certified to ISO 14001. In 2018, we began updating our EHS Management System to align with recognized standards, including ISO 45001. Our EHS team will implement this new system—along with associated leader and associate training—globally in 2019. Employing guidance from these standards, our core safety initiatives include serious injury and fatality prevention and human and organizational performance.

To evaluate the success of our EHS system and practices, Goodyear conducts internal and third-party assessments of environmental, health and safety compliance. Gaps identified during these assessments are tracked to completion through our governance process.

Plant Optimization is our manufacturing operating system that is built on the foundation of People and Environmental Care (PEC). Through PEC, we ensure that associates are meaningfully engaged in environmental, health and safety.

Formal health and safety committees represent 100% of our manufacturing associates.

our focus

hazardous energy

In 2018, we refined our Isolation and Control of Hazardous Energy (I-CHE) process. Goodyear convened a cross-functional team to create I-CHE best practices, outlining the key elements of success for machine-specific procedures, total isolation and hands-on associate training to demonstrate proficiency. The Goodyear EHS team is currently finalizing that effort with plans to reinforce Goodyear’s I-CHE practices across our footprint.

industrial hygiene

Preventing work-related illness in the workplace begins with understanding the potential impacts of noise and the substances used in the manufacturing process. We assess workplace exposures through monitoring, which validates that controls are effective and provides transparency to associates. Goodyear’s industrial hygiene process uses best practices and regulatory and consensus standards to move beyond compliance.


Goodyear’s Ergonomic Core Teams implement a six-step problem- solving process to reduce injuries and maximize workplace performance. In 2018, 100 associates completed certification for Ergo Core, joining a team of more than 900 associates around the world who have completed certification. Our Ergonomic Core Team’s efforts have contributed to our overall incident rate reduction.


Goodyear measures our safety progress through both leading and lagging indicators such as: Total Incident Rate (TIR) (injuries that require medical treatment above first aid and restricted/ lost-time injuries); contractor injuries; first aid injuries; near miss counts; near miss Corrective Action/Preventative Action (CAPA) closure rates; associate engagement; and safety maturity/perception scores. 

our goal

What we hope to achieve

Our vision is to reach and maintain our goal of zero injuries, illnesses and incidents. To support this goal, we are developing and implementing an enhanced global EHS management system, which is a systematic process for managing and improving our EHS program. In the coming years, we plan to integrate safety and wellness into a holistic Total Worker Health (TWH) program. We believe that the TWH approach is the next step to proactively reduce the impacts of illnesses and injuries and enhance overall associate health inside and outside of Goodyear’s facilities.