Mobility Revolution

Company History


Goodyear’s innovative spirit and drive for excellence puts us at the epicenter of the mobility revolution. We are partnering with customers and other collaborators to shape this transformation.

We are driving toward a mobility future in which shared vehicle models and fleets are commonplace and vehicles themselves are smarter, safer and more sustainable. Tires play a critical component in achieving these objectives. The Goodyear team also consistently monitors our customers’ needs and explores technological advances to help meet them.

Driven by this customer insight, we are delivering on five key areas:

1. Digitizing the connection with the road

2. Offering vehicle readiness

3. Developing new tire architectures, such as maintenance-free tires

4. Simplifying the consumer buying and tire maintenance process

5. Driving the future of mobility by partnering and investing in seed-to-growth stage startups

Digitizing the Connection with the Road
Tires are the only element of a vehicle that touches the ground. This contact point has the potential to provide important data to the vehicle. Connected tires can read the road and report back to the vehicle with the goal of driving enhanced levels of safety and performance. These innovations are shaping the evolution in mobility. In fact, Goodyear has set a goal that, by 2027, we will reinvent tires and service, delivering data- and sensor-enabled intelligence in all of our new products.

Offering Vehicle Readiness
In 2022, Goodyear continued our emphasis on advanced forms of mobility, with a strong focus on connected products and services. AndGo by Goodyear, a vehicle service automation platform that provides full vehicle readiness for consumer and commercial fleets, expanded its capabilities with more than 30 new features and orchestrated over 50,000 services in 2022 alone.

Developing New Tire Architectures
New tire architectures are going to play an important role as we continue to address advancing forms of mobility. Goodyear’s development work in nonpneumatic tires (NPTs) is leading to products that are designed to eliminate flats and air pressure checks, contributing to worry-free performance.

We continue to make significant progress in this emerging technology, including recent NPT in-field testing on consumer electric and commercial autonomous vehicles. The testing results provide us the data we need to continue to improve this innovation and get us closer to providing customers with leading technology in maintenance-free mobility solutions.

Simplifying Consumer Buying and Tire Maintenance
Our consumers are at the center of everything we do, which means getting new tires should be simple, straightforward and convenient. With Roll By Goodyear, mobile installation means you can get tires whenever, wherever. Our website also provides consumers with the experience to shop and buy tires at a time and location convenient to their schedule, including scheduling an in-store or Roll By Goodyear installation location.

In the commercial space, our customers value turn-key solutions that minimize downtime and streamline the order, install and repair processes. The commercial Total Mobility platform delivers the right products, a premier service network and complete, connected tire management to make running a fleet easier than ever. In addition to the Total Mobility platform, Goodyear CheckPoint drive-over readers provide automated tire inspections for tread depth and tire pressure, providing data to help make maintenance decisions to keep fleets moving.

Driving the Future of Mobility
Goodyear Ventures, our venture capital fund, is focused on fueling the future of mobility by supporting and investing in seed-to-growth-stage startups in emerging mobility technology. Leveraging Goodyear’s global resources and technical expertise, Goodyear Ventures is collaborating with mobility ecosystem partners that are driving the future of mobility.