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Goodyear is positioned for success through our commitments to advanced energy efficiency, safety, tire longevity, comfort and convenience.

The installation of the dynamic simulator at our Luxembourg facility was successfully completed in 2022 and is now fully operational. Having dynamic simulators at both of our Innovation Centers in Akron, Ohio, and Luxembourg, gives us full simulator capabilities around the world.

Located next to our proving grounds in Colmar-Berg, the DiM250 (driver-in-motion) dynamic simulator allows Goodyear to prepare and execute driving simulation runs and feed data back to the tire engineering teams, wherever they are located. Simulated driving enables systematic collection of hundreds of data channels, previously available only by labor-intensive instrumented testing. These efforts will help lead to fewer physical testing iterations and provide a more sustainable testing future. By 2024, Goodyear is seeking to reduce our physical testing iterations to one per SKU, a dramatic reduction from current levels.