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In addition to Goodyear’s industry leadership in products, which is the foundation of what we do, our progress in emerging mobility is a continued focus through various new mobility partnerships positioning us as a leading supplier of tires and solutions for future mobility.

Envoy Technologies

In addition to Goodyear’s industry leadership in products, which is the foundation of what we do, our progress in emerging mobility is a continued focus through various new mobility partnerships positioning us as a leading supplier of tires and solutions for future mobility.  

To do this, Goodyear gathers secure, anonymized data from Envoy’s connected vehicles and uses it to predict and schedule service needs. Goodyear then utilizes its network of outlets and mobile vans to provide service to the vehicles. The mobile vans can install tires on-site at their charging stations, maintaining vehicle safety with minimal time required by Envoy staff. 

“With on-demand car sharing and ride hailing services on the rise, Goodyear is extending its fleet services business model to shared mobility providers to improve urban fleet operations,” said Chris Helsel, Goodyear’s chief technology officer. 

Goodyear’s effort with Envoy builds on a successful test program with Tesloop, a city-to-city mobility service that exclusively used Tesla electric vehicles, and the commercialization of Goodyear Proactive Solutions for truck fleets, using advanced telematics and predictive analytics technology to allow fleet operators to optimize fuel efficiency and precisely identify and resolve tire-related issues before they happen. 

Local Motors

Local Motors is a ground mobility company focused on shaping the future for the better through open collaboration and co-creation. Goodyear has teamed with Local Motors to conduct tire testing with Olli, an eight-passenger autonomous shuttle. Local Motors also selected Goodyear tires for exclusive fitment on its Olli vehicles.

Additionally, in Luxembourg, where it operates one of its two global innovation centers, Goodyear is outfitting three autonomous shuttle buses. The vehicles, operated by bus company Sales-Lentz, will shuttle up to 14 passengers per ride on a variety of local routes.

On the three shuttles, Goodyear tires are equipped with sensors to collect operational data in the real-world application, which Goodyear engineers and data scientists can use to map predictive maintenance and other performance benefits. 

Expanding our fleet of test vehicles will allow us to continue advancing our knowledge of the best strategies and formats for transferring advanced vehicle and ride-sharing data into value-added information to improve operating performance and benefit customers.

“Our work on autonomous vehicle projects, such as the Olli, is another mile marker on our journey to future mobility solutions. We learn through pilot programs with leading startups, transferring advanced vehicle and ride-sharing data into truly usable and connected information to improve operating performance and benefit customers,” said Chris Helsel, Goodyear’s chief technology officer. 

Tire innovation is at our core, but these partnerships are demonstrating the increasing importance of data and fleet-management-as-a-service in solving our customers’ problems better than anyone else.


YourMechanic offers mobile repair, maintenance, inspection and reconditioning services directly to millions of consumers and fleets across North America. The company added Goodyear.com to its platform for tire sales and services.  

YourMechanic will enhance Goodyear’s global innovation network that includes numerous customers, suppliers and independent start-up businesses all in the name of making the tire buying process easier.

“Drivers want efficiency and convenience as well as optimal vehicle performance, and YourMechanic delivers on those consumer demands with its technology-enabled service model,” said Mike Dauberman, Goodyear’s chief digital officer, North America Consumer. “Working with YourMechanic and other industry disruptors is yet another extension of Goodyear’s 120-year heritage of innovation.”

These initiatives provide us with valuable opportunities to continue learning and innovating. The collective insights that we gain from all our mobility partnerships, when combined with our remarkable set of core assets will ensure that Goodyear has a seat at the table to shape the mobility revolution as it unfolds.   

Commercial ecommerce pilot

New technologies and changing consumer and customer needs are reshaping how tires are bought and sold. This dynamic is not only here to stay, but it is a trend that we think will only accelerate going forward as consumers increase their knowledge and comfort of buying tires on-line and having them installed at a trusted partner, like Goodyear.    

Our B2C ecommerce site, TireHub, Goodyear Mobile Install, and Roll by Goodyear are examples of our response to changing consumer behavior as it relates to the tire buying process.  

In 2015, we were the first tire manufacturer to move on-line with the launch of our ecommerce platform on Goodyear.com. In June, we will launch our commercial ecommerce pilot, marking another first for our company and industry. This new platform provides us with an opportunity to better meet the changing needs of commercial truck fleets and owner-operators and increase the business and online competitiveness of Goodyear’s commercial tire dealers. There has been a pull from the market for this platform, and we are pleased to initiate it with our dealers.

International Recognition

Goodyear won the International Busplaner Sustainability Award 2019, an award that honors innovative companies and products that address the challenges of global sustainability. The Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader, an automated tire analysis and control system obtained first place in the tire management category. 

"The team is very proud to receive this prestigious award. It recognizes Goodyear's technology leadership marked by a full trusted tire range in combination with an added value suite of digital solutions for tire and fleet management," said André Weisz, managing director, Goodyear Proactive Solutions EMEA.

The Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader is a state-of-the-art, ground-mounted sensor. The system automatically measures and analyzes important tire and vehicle parameters: Inflation, remaining tread depth, axle load and total weight are displayed in seconds.

The technology provides real-time tire data and alerts that are automatically sent to the fleet manager, service technician and driver. This data helps proactively monitor the tire and the efficiency of the fleet. It further enables fleet operators to maximize uptime, forecast maintenance when the vehicle is not in service and to establish long-term tire replacement planning. 

"The Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader is particularly suitable for public transport companies. Every time a bus enters the depot it will drive over the sensor and the system will help identify tire-related issues," explained Weisz.  

Our Competitive Advantage

Each of these mobility partnerships and recognitions, as well as the upcoming launch of our commercial ecommerce pilot were made possible because our Connected Business Model was able to provide an attractive solution to an unmet need or unresolved issue. 

The world of mobility and transportation is changing rapidly. Advancement in technology and the evolution of consumer preferences and buying behaviors are sparking new opportunities and challenges for the tire industry. Today’s consumers favor convenience, safety and advanced technologies, and many are socially conscious – wanting the brands they buy to be a part of solving the environmental and social challenges of our time. Goodyear has been listening, preparing and innovating on ways we can help shape the new mobility ecosystem and ultimately become a better corporate citizen.

Envoy charging stations and vehicle in parking garage.

Local Motors autonomous shuttle Olli, parked in front of Goodyear’s global headquarters in Akron, Ohio.

Michaela Pech (left), advertising manager International Busplaner, Thomas Sauer (middle), marketing specialist, Goodyear Proactive Solutions EMEA, Bert Brandenburg (right), executive director, Huss-Verlag.