The Responsible Operations pillar of Goodyear’s Corporate Responsibility Strategy includes our day-to-day efforts to produce high-quality products in an efficient manner, supported by a culture of safety and health.

It also includes managing our environmental impacts, which is why Goodyear Malaysia installed 6,680 solar panels on their office building and plant in Shah Alam.

These solar panels are capable of generating 2.5 megawatts of power, which will provide power to not only the factory, but also the attached offices and warehouses.

Each panel is constructed from bifacial double-glass modules, which can generate 3% to 15% more electricity than other component options. As a result of the new solar panels, the amount of carbon emissions reduced over the next 25 years will be approximately 2,000 tons, which is roughly equivalent to eliminating the lifetime carbon emissions of 400 vehicles on the road.​

Solar panels installed on the roof of the Goodyear Malaysia manufacturing plant.