Community Programs

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We are committed to making a difference in the communities where we live and work through our community programs and volunteerism. Listed below are examples of our community engagement projects.

Goodyear associates worldwide engage in volunteer projects and collection drives throughout the year. Here are a few examples of how we support our communities. 


Goodyear partners with the CII Foundation in Barnala, Punjab to support sustainable practices in the environment.

“Since 2022, Goodyear and CII Foundation’s collaboration in Barnala, Punjab, has directly benefitted over 21,000 farmers in 44 villages. With strategic guidance and active involvement, Goodyear played a pivotal role in reducing stubble burning incidents and fostering environmental conservation and climate action. We are grateful for this impactful partnership." -Seema Arora, deputy director general, CII & CEO, CII Foundation


The Safe Mobility Project, a partnership between the Goodyear Foundation and Akron Children’s Hospital, was established in 2015 to reduce the morbidity of children in the County of Summit, Ohio.

“Goodyear volunteers bring unique skills and expertise to Akron Children's Hospital. Having Goodyear employees volunteer at the hospital helps us build stronger ties with the community, increases awareness of our mission and needs and enhances our public image.” - Shelly Brown, chief development officer, Akron Children’s Hospital


Goodyear associates with the Physical Education Association Partizan built a playground in Duplje, Slovenia.

“The new playground set up on the walking path encourages families with children to go to the forest, where the path is safer and the air is fresher, compared to the walks alongside the road in the small country town of Duplje, Slovenia. We also see cyclists using the path. Increased visits show us how important it is to energize the people to be active.” -Fani Vreg, president, Physical Education Association Partizan Duplje, Slovenia 


Goodyear supports a talented group of students through our Driving Opportunity Scholarship Program at The University of Akron.

“We at The University of Akron are incredibly fortunate to have Goodyear as a valued partner in our mission to educate and empower future generations. Their dedication to community engagement extends far beyond the norm. Goodyear volunteers bring invaluable real-world expertise into our classrooms, mentoring our students, and sharing their knowledge. These volunteers help bridge the gap between theory and practice and serve as inspiring role models, showing the power of engaged citizenship. Their passion and commitment are truly instrumental in helping us achieve our mission and prepare our students to become the leaders of tomorrow.” – Kim Cole, vice president, Advancement and executive director, Foundation at The University of Akron.


Goodyear’s Community Engagement leverages the iconic Goodyear Blimp to create value in our community.

“Goodyear executes an annual Marine Toys for Tots campaigns across the three Goodyear Blimp bases each holiday season. In 2023, the program donated 32,735 toys and raised and $131,872 between the three bases. Since 2010, the Goodyear Blimp Toys for Tots events have generated more than 247,000 gifts and over $650,000.”