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Diversity & Inclusion

Company History


A diverse workforce is critical to Goodyear’s long-term success. Embracing and valuing differences allows us to attract top talent; improve associate satisfaction and engagement; foster innovation; and meld varying experiences and perspectives to drive enhanced customer service, business creativity and decision-making. Our goal is to create a work environment where people have a real sense of belonging and are able to thrive.

We committed to creating a diverse workforce, represented throughout our organization and our teams, with a goal to have a culture that fosters inclusive behavior. Our commitment to a diverse and inclusive work environment is reflected in the policies that govern our workplace, such as the Business Conduct Manual and Global Zero Tolerance booklet. This commitment is also evident throughout the full talent lifecycle, through recruiting, onboarding, talent development, career development, and engagement, and in our D&I education and awareness programs.

We actively work to improve our partnerships, processes, and practices to meet our goals for diverse workforce representation and an engaged culture. To realize increases in the diversity of our workforce, we strive for qualified female and minority candidates on every executive slate.  We post our job opportunities to a variety of diversity-focused career sites and sponsor and support diversity-focused events at our key and target universities and colleges. In 2020 we participated in the Black Virtual Career Fair (BVCF), which is a joint venture between the African American Employee Network (AAEN), a communications network serving and supporting African American professionals, and Onyx Community Connection. BVCF leverages a syndicated network to reach qualified diverse candidates nationwide. Additionally, we focus on developing, engaging, and retaining our associates based on their career aspirations, and insights from associate surveys.

Goodyear’s CHRO seeks to drive education, participation and engagement in our D&I strategy at all levels of leadership. Senior leaders have accountability for D&I priorities and progress is reported annually to our Board of Directors.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGS)

Our commitment to D&I is further supported through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) which have tremendous grass roots pull and senior leadership engagement. Our seven hub ERGs, with 32 chapters globally and over 3000 members, are important contributors in attracting, connecting, motivating and retaining talent, and building cultural awareness.  Our ERGs include the Asia India Middle East Network, Goodyear Black Network, Goodyear Pride Network, Goodyear Veterans Association, Goodyear Women’s Network, HOLA, and Next Generation Leaders.

Over the past two years, we tripled the number of ERG chapters, doubled membership, and held more than 200 professional development and networking events for ERG members.

Through membership in our ERGs, our associates receive mentoring, professional development, networking, and community volunteerism opportunities. Our ERGs also provide opportunities for associates to serve as company ambassadors and play a crucial role in talent identification, development, and recruitment.

Each ERG has goals to:

• Positively impact our associates, business, and the communities in which we live and work.

• Support Goodyear in our efforts to attract, develop and retain associates by:

- Assisting in outreach and recruiting efforts

- Helping to introduce new and current associates to the organization and culture

- Providing opportunities for professional growth and leadership skills development

- Connecting associates with role models and mentors

- Providing opportunities to showcase work-related skills and connect with senior leadership

- Offering associates a sense of community and belonging

• Provide feedback, articulate shared interests and foster open dialogue with executive sponsors and the Office of D&I

• Ensure the ERG activities are consistent with and reinforce Goodyear’s Strategy Roadmap

Due to the growing number of ERG chapters around the world, our HR team and ERG leadership have developed local guidance, which includes the ERG governance structure; the role of mentors and mentees; bylaws; business connectivity; and community involvement.

The pandemic did not slow down our ERGs. While many of our associates rapidly transitioned and adjusted to virtual work arrangements and disrupted personal lives, our ERGs were there to provide their members with a safe space and community for fellowship, bonding and belonging during this difficult time. Chapters experimented with new ways of engaging associates, leveraging technology to host virtual events. Virtual platforms opened opportunities for participation beyond local, in-person involvement, thus broadening the ERGs’ reach and raising awareness of D&I and ERGs across Goodyear.   

New chapters, such as NextGen Shanghai, successfully launched. The launch event held in the Shanghai office was attended by over 80 associates, who were highly engaged. During this unprecedented time of pandemic, the launch event was unique as it offered options for both online and physical participation (following COVID-19 protocols, such as social/physical distancing).