Diversity & Inclusion

Company History


We are committed to creating a diverse workforce, represented throughout our organization and our teams, with a goal to have a culture that fosters inclusive behavior. Diversity & Inclusion is also a business imperative at Goodyear. Our commitment to D&I is evident through Goodyear's Strategy Roadmap and the policies that govern our workplace, such as the Business Conduct Manual and Global Zero Tolerance booklet.

As part of our global mission to foster an inclusive culture where all associates feel like they are being heard, implementing diversity & inclusion (D&I) best practices in how we operate continues to be a business imperative.

This commitment is highlighted in our Strategy Roadmap, included in our Business Conduct Manual and Global Zero Tolerance Booklet and embedded across the organization through programs implemented in support of Goodyear’s D&I strategy. Our core initiatives—Insights and Analytics, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Education & Awareness and D&I Executive Council—are centered around the talent lifecycle because we strive to hire and retain the best talent that reflects the workforce demographics.

To guide Goodyear in this space, senior leaders are accountable for our D&I priorities and report progress annually to our Board of Directors, while associates receive training and are empowered to embrace unfamiliar cultures, different experiences and unique viewpoints at work. This is essential to our ability to better serve our customers and consumers today and in the future.

Extending the Reach of Our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

The D&I Champions program was first introduced in 2022 in the Americas with a pilot group of 19 associates to support a more inclusive culture that benefits our customers and consumers.

D&I Champions are leaders in the business who have been recognized by the D&I Executive Council member(s) representing their region. Nominated to take part in the program, these associates completed educational sessions and informal meetings with the Global Office of D&I to help them understand our strategy and lean in to foster a more inclusive workplace.

The Asia Pacific region also collaborated with the Global Office of D&I in November 2022 to launch this program with participation from 16 high-level leaders across the region, extending the program’s global reach.