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Health & Wellness

Company History


Goodyear is proud of our program, GoodLife, which helps associates improve their health and wellness. The GoodLife mission is to foster an atmosphere of wellness, promoting a culture of health for Goodyear associates and their families. We achieve this goal by providing information, tools, and resources that empower associates to become healthy, engaged, and productive at work and at home.

Goodyear strives to be at the forefront of corporate wellness, and that goal is the driver behind our award-winning “GoodLife” program. Led by Goodyear’s Chief Health Officer, GoodLife aims to foster a culture of wellness for all Goodyear associates and their families by providing resources to help them achieve wellbeing. We measure our progress in three ways:

1. Overall wellness of our associates, including physical, emotional, financial and social health;

2. Health of our worksites; and

3. Engagement in our wellness programs.

Healthy Associates 

We encourage the physical health of our associates through various voluntary programs such as wellness physicals, a Healthy Choice Incentive and corporate challenges. Our GoodLife website is currently being upgraded and integrated into our corporate communication channels to make it more accessible for associates around the globe. This is particularly important as we continue to disseminate important COVID-19 information and updates to our associates. The site features “GoodLife University,” a health learning curriculum, that includes courses on general health, heart health, diabetes management, emotional wellbeing and stress management. 

In addition to physical health, we recognize and address the importance of the emotional health of our associates. Our Chief Health Officer’s bi-weekly blog on the GoodLife site features aspects of emotional wellbeing such as work-life balance and tips on how to handle stress and life issues. We also actively promote our Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) which are now accessible to 100% of our associates worldwide. This has proven to be an exceptional resource as people navigate the numerous emotional challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Healthy Worksites

The health and safety of our worksites remains essential, and we implement and continue to assess the safety measures put in place to help minimize the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Appropriate personal protective equipment, procedures and protocols have permitted the safe return to the workplace and continued operations of our workforce.

In addition to pandemic-related considerations, we support associate health and wellbeing by offering resources in our worksites. The majority of Goodyear manufacturing sites have first-responder teams, while larger facilities have on-site occupational health clinics, called GoodLife Health Centers, which have been extremely helpful navigating illness and maintaining quarantine and isolation protocols. While our Corporate HQ and some other locations have on-site fitness facilities and equipment, these have been temporarily shuttered as part of our pandemic safety measures.  We continue to feature our GoodLife Health Boards in prominent areas such as breakrooms and on the GoodLife website. These boards offer hard copy resources and wellness tips that cover six main areas: EAPs, Benefits, GoodLife Programs, EHS, Emergency Preparedness, and seasonal tips.

To measure the health of our worksites, we use the CDC Worksite Health Scorecard for each location with 30 or more associates. We assess our sites annually to identify areas of opportunity and high impact strategies, which allows us to properly allocate resources to maintain a healthy workforce. Smoking on Goodyear property remains an area of opportunity for us to improve, and we continue to work toward our goal of having tobacco-free campuses for 100% of Goodyear facilities by 2025. Though delayed by the pandemic, we are developing a GoodLife Site Recognition program that will recognize sites for achieving goals within categories, such as CDC Scorecard, Tobacco-free Campus, Healthy Vending, EHS Compliance, and CPR/AED Training.

Culture of Health

To evaluate our programming and ensure that our focus is driving us in the right direction, we use HealthNEXT’s Employer Health Opportunity Assessment (EHOA) dashboard. With the EHOA dashboard, we annually assess our progress across 210+ elements of health and create an action plan for year-over-year improvement. Once established, a healthy workforce culture leads to a healthier business, with reduced lost time and worker compensation costs and savings that outweigh the costs of wellness programs. Therefore, a culture of health is truly a sustainable business practice.

In 2017, we received the Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles award—Platinum level—from The National Business Group on Health. We were awarded for our wellness initiatives, such as the GoodLife program and on-site clinics and facilities.


To meet the needs of our diverse workforce, retirees and their dependents, we offer a robust benefits package with options for full-time and part-time associates, as outlined below, for our significant locations of operation (countries with more than 1,000 Goodyear associates). Costs for most benefit plans are shared by both the Company and the associate.