Talent Management

Company History


Our associates are the driving force behind Goodyear’s success. They underpin every aspect of our Strategy Roadmap and help Goodyear deliver value to our customers, shareholders and communities. We provide integrated talent management and learning solutions aimed at enabling our associates to reach their full personal and professional potential at Goodyear.

Goodyear strives to enhance all aspects of the talent lifecycle and enable associates to achieve their full potential through the components of the talent experience. We do this by:

·       Identifying and attracting the best talent in our industry

·       Enhancing the performance of our associates

·       Supporting associate growth and career development

·       Building and preparing Goodyear’s bench of future leaders

·       Engaging and inspiring our associates to deliver “above and beyond” for our business and customers


Winning in the marketplace starts with attracting the right talent who embody our values—acting with integrity, inspiring each other, collaborating, embracing change, and delivering results. Goodyear builds and executes unique strategies for attracting interns, salaried associates, retail and hourly positions, and executives. We use key performance indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of our talent attraction strategies and work cross-functionally with business leaders to align on these initiatives.

We strive for qualified diverse candidates on slates for external hiring to increase the opportunity to enhance the diversity of our workforce. We post our job opportunities to a variety of diversity-focused career sites and sponsor and support diversity-focused events at our key and target universities and colleges.

Critical to talent acquisition is the ability to identify internal talent for open positions. We encourage our associates to check for job postings of interest through Goodyear’s career site—the same place where external candidates view and apply for Goodyear jobs. We also encourage our associates to regularly update their professional profiles in our talent management system for career advancement opportunities. We take pride in building and promoting our internal talent, as more than 80% of our open manager positions were filled by an internal Goodyear associate in 2021.

Although COVID-19 presented challenges to global talent acquisition, our team minimized disruption as we leveraged our virtual interviewing process and “interview day video” to give our HQ candidates a feel for our corporate offices. We also continue to enhance our approach to “virtual onboarding” to provide a globally consistent structure for essential onboarding activities that orient new associates to the company and their new role, make vital connections with their co-workers and enable them to perform successfully in their new roles.


Goodyear’s Performance and Development Process (PDP) provides associates with the clarity and support needed to enable high performance. This annual process requires associates and managers to tie business objectives to our Strategy Roadmap, which defines how we work and how we win. The process allows us to drive performance during the year through ongoing conversations and coaching focused on the “what” (business objectives) and the “how” (core competencies). The performance year concludes with a Year-End performance evaluation and conversation that is factored into the ways we reward associates to reinforce strong performance.

To enable PDP, Goodyear creates processes and best practice resources for associates and managers to build capabilities and drive performance accountability, partnering with regional talent teams to locally deploy them. In addition, this process encourages associates to take performance and development feedback to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) focused on acquiring skills, capabilities and experience required to achieve short-term and long-term career aspirations. Goodyear leaders have reinforced the importance of the PDP as we have experienced record levels of participation and process completion in this past year, even as much of the business has been operating in a hybrid environment.