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Talent Management

Company History


Our associates are the driving force behind Goodyear’s success. They underpin every aspect of our Strategy Roadmap and help Goodyear deliver value to our customers, shareholders and communities. We provide integrated talent management and learning solutions aimed at enabling our associates to reach their full personal and professional potential at Goodyear.

Guided by our Strategy Roadmap, Goodyear’s Senior VP and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) oversees the Global Human Resources (HR) teams, including Talent Management. These HR teams implement global and local talent management initiatives, analyze successes, and identify areas of opportunity as we continue to measure our business impact at Goodyear. In 2020, COVID-19 challenged all organizations to think about talent attraction, development, and retention in new ways. At Goodyear, we reaffirmed our commitment to our people through these critical processes during the pandemic.


Winning in the marketplace starts with attracting the right talent, those who live our values—acting with integrity, inspiring each other, collaborating, embracing change and delivering results. Goodyear builds and executes unique strategies for attracting interns, salaried associates, retail and hourly positions, and executives. We use key performance indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of our talent attraction strategies and work cross-functionally with business leaders to align on these initiatives.

Critical to talent acquisition is the ability to identify internal talent for open positions. We encourage our associates to check for job postings of interest through Goodyear’s career site – the same place where external candidates view and apply for Goodyear jobs. We also encourage our associates to regularly update their professional profiles in our talent management system for career advancement opportunities. We take pride in building and promoting our internal talent, as more than 80% of our open manager positions were filled by an internal Goodyear associate in 2020.

Although COVID-19 presented challenges to global talent acquisition, our team minimized disruption as we transitioned all in-person interviews to virtual and incorporated an “interview day video” to give our HQ candidates a feel for our corporate offices. We also developed a new “virtual onboarding” approach to provide a structure for essential onboarding activities designed to orient new associates to the company and their new role.


Talent Management offers a variety of global development tools, resources, and processes to help our associates advance their careers at Goodyear:

  • Talent Central, a central repository of multi-media career development resources
  • The Goodyear Learning Center (GLC), our in-house collection of online courses available to all salaried associates.


The GLC offers more than 16,000 courses from content experts such as LinkedIn and Harvard Business Publishing to help associates develop leadership and professional skills and build their technical and business acumen. At the onset of COVID-19, we leveraged these tools to help associates manage their transition to virtual work amidst emotional uncertainties of the pandemic. Our associates engaged in record usage of these online tools as we collectively valued these new approaches to collaborate and grow together. While the pandemic propelled our virtual move to higher levels, we discovered we could reach more associates at more times with meaningful learning that addressed wellbeing. To meet the needs of the business, we continue to adjust our learning strategy to reach leaders in more flexible “just-in-time” modalities by focusing efforts on virtual delivery, online tools, and formal coaching represented in our data.

We also continue to prioritize development for our manufacturing associates. The Continuous Skills Development (CSD) pillar of our P.O. initiative engages and empowers our manufacturing associates by focusing on standardized work and improvement processes to do the right things, the right way, every single time (One Goodyear Way). We accomplish this through ongoing learning experiences and workshops on various technical and soft skills. In addition, our Global Manufacturing Leadership Program and our Plant Manufacturing Director Program provide training and mentoring to develop the next generation of plant leaders. These programs capture and transfer knowledge from incumbent leaders to aspiring leaders and promote best practice sharing across our business. While these development initiatives were paused in 2020 in light of COVID-19, Goodyear maintained a full year of personal leadership coaching for the Director program participants. We are resuming these programs in 2021.

In addition to these tools that enable associate growth, Goodyear has formal global talent processes in place that drive development, enhance and reward performance, and build leadership pipeline. Through our annual Performance and Development Process (PDP), associates and managers identify objectives and drive performance through ongoing conversations and coaching throughout the year. This process encourages associates to take performance and development feedback to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) aligned to short-term and long-term career aspirations. In 2020, PDP incorporated a formal “wellbeing dialogue” that gave managers the opportunity to positively impact engagement and connect about associate needs and concerns as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic – this conversation was critical to keeping associates and managers connected in a virtual environment.

Finally, Goodyear is committed to preparing the next generation of leaders through our annual global talent planning process. This mechanism provides an opportunity for all parts of our business to discuss talent strengths and gaps, identify successors, and align on development plans that allow teams to achieve growth and meet key goals. On top of local talent reviews, our CEO and CHRO annually meet one-on-one with top business leaders to align on succession plans and development actions for the roles most impactful to long term success. This process includes a review of key diverse talent where we facilitate discussions about career aspirations and development needs and actions that are being taken to progress them toward their career goals.

Global talent planning continued to be a priority during COVID-19, providing the opportunity to establish more rigor and consistency in determining successor readiness. We have moved away from our previously published “accountability metric goals,” specific to the top 50 roles toward more regional and functional succession focused metrics to provide more depth as we track progress and measure success. 

Talent Engagement & Retention Performance

Employee engagement remains an important business metric. We continue to administer our salaried, global engagement Pulse Survey to understand the needs and voice of our associates. Established in 2018, this survey measures engagement and our effectiveness in delivering on the “How We’ll Work” component of our Strategy Roadmap. In 2020, we adjusted the survey to focus on wellbeing and the associate experience during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Feedback from this survey has been essential to understanding our associates’ needs and informing Goodyear’s response to the pandemic, as much of the organization transitioned to remote working. During this time, associates have continued to feel a strong connection to Goodyear and our engagement scores have seen significant increases in comparison to pre-pandemic benchmarks. In addition, we have begun extending the survey to our hourly associates (i.e., retail stores, manufacturing plants) and we plan to continue to expand the survey’s reach to all global associates.

Another way we stay connected to engaging and retaining our associates is through purposeful conversations. Our team facilitates stay interviews, career development interviews and skip-level meetings to provide continuous feedback. Stay interviews offer an opportunity to deepen relationships and build trust with associates and allows us to assess the degree of associate satisfaction and engagement that exists in a department. Career development interviews gain insight into associate motivators and career aspirations to better focus our development and retention efforts. In skip-level meetings, senior leaders meet with associates in an informal setting to provide the opportunity for open dialogue and candid feedback about matters most important to the associate.

Finally, we offer an electronic exit survey to global salaried associates who elect to leave Goodyear to better understand why they chose to move on. We evaluate the survey responses to look for themes and opportunities for improvement to share with HR and business leaders. This critical information informs our evolving talent strategy and helps us take actions to supplement or improve our career development, engagement, and retention programs.