Operational Impacts

Company History


As part of Goodyear’s commitment to corporate responsibility, we continuously work to reduce our operational impact.

Goodyear’s Senior Vice President, Global Operations and Chief Technology Officer oversees the teams that implement our robust approach to operational environmental impacts. This includes our network of global, regional and facility experts in EHS, Sustainability, Engineering and Procurement. Our EHS Policy is the guiding principle for all levels of management, associates and contractors to continuously improve the safety and health of our workplaces and protect the environment.

We carefully monitor our energy, greenhouse gas emissions and water use, set company-wide and facility-specific goals to reduce our operational impacts and continue to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. In 2022, Goodyear continued the integration of energy management principles through the cross-functional efforts of our Manufacturing, Engineering, Procurement and Sustainability teams. Energy management is integrated into the P.O. operating system, which embraces a zero-loss mindset and is active in 30 of our plants. This includes aligning energy management with several of the key pillars of P.O., such as focused improvement, daily equipment care, reliability excellence and early equipment management.

A complete look at our performance can be found in our ESG Data Center and in our latest CDP and TCFD reports.