Business Continuity

Company History


Goodyear plans and prepares for operating effectively under adverse conditions, enabling the business to return to normal operations by focusing on the financial and operational impact of human, natural and technological events.

Goodyear’s Director, Global Business Continuity, leads a process focused on resilience that aligns with all Business Continuity (BC) teams across the organization. Teams include representatives from each business unit and global and tactical functions and focus on the shared goal of helping Goodyear to be the most resilient global tire manufacturer.

Governed by a senior leadership committee, these teams implement a risk-based, decision-making BC Process. They track both quantitative and qualitative indicators and build continuous improvement into all major activities. In 2022, the teams identified focus areas, including supply chain events, people (talent), potential operational impacts, infectious disease and potential political risks.

Goodyear’s BC Process is aligned with the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) International for certification in BC. All manufacturing locations follow a calendar of activities tied to a key performance indicator reporting process. Included are annual updates to risks assessments, business impact analyses and development of BC plans. Teams then focused on and prioritized risks by highest probability and potential impacts, supported by their critical processes through effective planning.

We evaluate the maturity of our BC Process through an annual Maturity of Excellence process. This evaluation is based on defined actions to elevate performance aligned with the DRI International’s Professional Practices framework for maintaining organizational resilience. A three-year forward plan was developed for continuous improvement in regional and global BC maturity. Strategic activities to support operational resilience included training, testing and plan validation. Annual objectives were tracked on a monthly basis to ensure alignment with our annual operating plan. Ongoing benchmarking is conducted with similar organizations and with those having well-developed resilience programs.