Supply Chain

Company History


As part of Goodyear’s commitment to responsible sourcing, supply chain management remains a high priority for Goodyear.

Goodyear’s Chief Procurement Officer leads our Procurement team to manage Goodyear’s sourcing for the materials and services we use globally. Together with other Goodyear teams, our Procurement team oversees and implements policies, programs, and supplier assessments and audits. The team also provides associate training on topics such as human trafficking, forced and child labor, anti-corruption, compliance, and strategic sourcing processes. First-year Procurement associates receive more than 40 hours of procurement-specific training, and all team members receive an annual refresher training. Training includes content that helps associates identify potential issues and provides us with the skills and resources to respond appropriately.

We require our suppliers to comply with Goodyear’s Supplier Code of Conduct or have their own equally substantial code of conduct, and we may deny or terminate a business relationship should a supplier not do so. Topics covered in the Supplier Code of Conduct include child labor and other working condition regulations, environmental practices and anti-corruption.